CSA Tuningcenter Tune 3

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The equipment is run over the stone to establish a flat and even running surface from tip to tail. The resulting base structure is the foundation for the fine-tuning that follows.

A base structure, designed to suit the customer’s wishes and the snow conditions, is then worked into the base surface. Pressure regulators ensure that a consistent coating (grind) is maintained from tip to tail. When viewed in cross-section, the base profile displays a vivid structure that results in optimal gliding qualities. 
To ensure the same prerequisites for both left and right turns, the edges on both sides must be perfectly matched. For this reason, our machines allow both side-edges to be tuned simultaneously. Not only that, our high-tech procedure is designed for individuality – that’s why the side-edge level is easily adjustable.

Technical Data  
Length: 5330 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Height: 1700 mm
Processing width: Alpine skiing 55 - 160mm, cross-country skiing 40mm
Processing length: 800 – 2100 mm
User per season: upwards of 1500 services, skis and boards
Electrical connection: 5 kW, Abs. 32 A
Air connection: 6 bars
Weight: 2900 kg
Capacity per hour: 15 - 20 paires of skis